Make Your Business a Community Landmark by Using LED Signs

“How do I get there?”

“Go down Main Street until you come to Acme Business, the one with the red blinking signs, turn left…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were Acme Business? Having people use your business to give directions? Can you imagine what that would do for your business?

Similarly, what if you were known as the business who put current community messages and alerts on your LED Signs, do you think that would keep people looking at your Business LED Signs?

Many LED Sign owners think the only way to use their sign is to put up their sales messages. I will admit that is a key use but it is not the only use. If you put in a mix of community related messages and time/temperature messages you will quite possibly be surprised at how this will lead to increase to revenues over time.

Let me explain why it works than I will give you some ideas of the types of messages you can display.

Obviously you want to put sales messages on your sign. The risk is that people will stop looking at your sign after it has been up for a while. You can counteract this by putting up messages that are relevant to current events in your community.

This will keep people looking at your Business LED Signs to see what is going on in the community. It will also build goodwill towards your business. People will see you as giving back to the community. They will see you as a caring business owner who is interested in the best interests of the community. All of this helps to build a loyalty between your business and the community.

When it comes time to buy something you offer do you think people are more likely to think of your business, who they already feel a connection with or with one of your random competitors?

Displaying time and temperature will train people to look at your sign to see what time it is and what the temperature is. In my car, I have a reading for the outside temperature; do you know what I do? I compare the two. I also appreciate seeing the time on signs because it helps keep me on schedule (or at least lets me know how far behind I am). While I am watch the signs for this information, do you know what I see? Sales messages. Lots of them. check it here!

Suggestions Of Where To Get Community Messages

You don’t want hunting down community messages to take up your day so here are a few suggestion of how you can put it on autopilot:

  1. Contact the police about receiving Amber Alerts for your area
  2. Let the local schools know you will put important information on your sign for them (snowy days, etc.)
  3. Have the local theaters call you with upcoming shows
  4. Get the local sports results from the newspaper
  5. Have your church send you messages about their local mission work and donation drives

The list goes on and on, but if you do just those 5 things you will have more than enough community messages.

What Should The Mix of Messages Be?

Here is message rotation I recommend to my clients:

  • Time/temperature
  • 2-3 sales messages
  • Community message
  • 2-3 sales messages

As you can see, it does not take a lot but I think you will find it will really pay off! get complete news from

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